Bio-Agar for cell block processing

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Intermediate medium for cell block processing

Packaging Primary container: neutral container in PP. Blue screw cap in PE, watertight.
Secondary container: white carton box.
Expected aim Product for the preparation of cyto-histological samples for optical microscopy.
Specifications Light pink
Application Bio-Agar gel is an aggregation medium for cell block embedding procedure.
Fixation and Cytoembedding method
1) To avoid the dispersion of cells and to abbreviate the procedure time, it is
recommended to use, as collecting container, the 10 ml vials pre-filled with 5 ml
neutral buffered formalin (Bio-Optica cod. 05- 01P05), which can be put directly into
the centrifuge. Fixing time can takes from 15 minutes to some hours, according to the
sample characteristics.
Cyto-embedding method
1) Put a Bio-Agar vial into microwave oven to be melted at 160 Watt for 2 minutes.
2) Centrifuge the sample for 10 minutes at 2500 RPM.
3) Remove the exceeding liquid by a disposable pipette, avoiding the aspiration of
eventual suspended fragments.
4) Add 6-10 drops of melted Bio-Agar.
5) Vortex immediately for some seconds.
6) Leave the sample to chill in the freezer (-20°C) until it solidifies – about 3 minutes –
7) Remove the sample pellet from the bottom of the vial and put it into a bio-cassette
between two pads.
8) Process and embedd according to histologic routine.

Warning and precaution
The product is intended for professional laboratory use for healthcare professionals.
Carefully read the information on the label (danger symbols, risk and safety phrases) and
always consult the safety data sheet. Do not use if the primary container is damaged. In
the event of a serious accident, we recommended that you immediately inform Bio-Optica
Milano S.p.A. and the competent authorities.
Storage Store the preparation at 2 – 8 ° C in a dark place. Keep the containers tightly closed.
Stability The product is reusable until the expiry date, if correctly stored.
After the first opening It is recommended to use within two weeks.
Product validity: 2 years.
Disposal Hazardous preparation: observe all state and local environmental regulations regarding
waste disposa

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Bio-Agar for cell block processing

1.600,00 AED

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