BIO MARKING DYES Markers for surgical margins

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05-014-030-1 30 ml bottle with dropper, blue 1 x 30 ml
05-015-030-1 30 ml bottle with dropper, black 1 x 30 ml
05-016-030-1 30 ml bottle with dropper, green 1 x 30 ml
05-017-030-1 30 ml bottle with dropper, yellow 1 x 30 ml
05-018-030-1 30 ml bottle with dropper, orange 1 x 30 ml
05-019-030-1 30 ml bottle with dropper, red 1 x 30 ml
05-020-030-1 30 ml bottle with dropper, purple 1 x 30 ml

Technical details
Expected aim Product for the preparation of cyto-histological samples for optical microscopy.
Marking of surgical margins.
Drying time at room temperature: 2-3 minutes
Packaging Primary container: container in white PP. Secondary container: carton box. Lable: Wear, water,
alcohol and solvent resistant PVC label. Scratchproof ink resistant to water and alcohol.
Storage Store the preparation at 15-25°C. Keep the containers tightly closed.
Storage temperature 15-25°C
Stability After opening, it is reusable until the expiry date, if correctly stored.
Validity 1 year
Product classification
The product is intended for professional laboratory use for healthcare professionals.
Carefully read the information on the label (danger symbols, risk and safety phrases) and
always consult the safety data sheet. Do not use if the primary container is damaged.
In the event of a serious accident, we recommended that you immediately inform Bio-Optica
Milano S.p.A and the competent authorities.
Disposal Waste according to MSDS, observe all state and local environmental regulations regarding
waste disposal.
001 Regulation adjustment UE 2017/746 – IVDR 16/05/2022
002 Code review 03/11/2022
Dyes for identification and orientation of excised surgical specimens formulated to
define margins without bleeding, changing colour or fading and without staining
fixatives and solvents used for tissue processing. Bio Marking Dyes are a-toxic, made
of polymers of natural origin.
1. Shake the bottle before use;
2. For fresh specimens (not fixed yet), apply the dye on the tissue,
directly from the bottle or with the help of a brush. LET DRY FOR 2-3
MINUTES AND FIX IN FORMALIN; For fixed specimens, remove the
excess of fixative from tissue surface and apply the dye like on fresh
3. The dyes bind to the tissue surface at room temperature (15-30°C)
in 2-3 minutes;
4. At the end of the use, close the bottle to avoid evaporation.

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BIO MARKING DYES Markers for surgical margins

1.300,00 AED

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