Dehyol 95

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Alcoholic mixture made up of ethanol-isopropanol
alcoholic grade 95°

65-30008 2,7 l x 1
65-30008S 2,7 l x 6

Packaging Primary container: PE tank useful capacity 2.7 liters shaped for insertion in FTP300 and VTP300
Secondary container: carton 40x32x28 cm
Wear, water, alcohol and solvents resistant PVC label. Scratchproof ink resistant to water and alcohol.
Expected aim Product for the preparation of cyto-histological samples for optical microscopy.
Application Alcoholic mixture formulated and optimized for use in the histological and cytological routine:
• processing
• dewaxing
• dehydration
It is comparable to absolute ethanol, so it can be inserted into existing protocols, without the addition of
any changes.
Principle Dehydration process
Through the dehydration process the free water is removed from the tissue.
The process is usually carried out using short-chain alcohols – typically ethanol – with highly polar
functional groups that interact strongly and quickly with free water pulling it out from the tissue.
When this process takes place too quickly – as happens in the presence of ethanol – may occur some
distortions which confer to tissue negative characteristics such as hardness, friability and ‘shrinkage’.
Replacing ethanol (2 carbon atoms linear chain) with isopropanol (3 carbon atoms branched chain) the
extraction speed of water is balanced without negative effects.

Functional properties
The dehydrating power of DEHYOL 95 mixture is the same of the ethanol but the hardening and
shrinkage effects are reduced.
The greater lipophilia of the mixture favors the subsequent stages of clarification and infiltration. The
samples obtained are well infiltrated and elastic to the cut.
Warning and
The product must be used exclusively by specialized technical operators.
Carefully read the information on the classification of dangerous substances on the label. Always refer to
the safety data sheet where are available the information on the risks presented by the mixture, the
precautionary measures during use, the measures first aid and the intervention in the event of accidental
Do not use if the primary container is damaged.
Storage Store the preparation below 30°C. Keep the containers tightly closed.
Stability After the first opening, the product is usable until the expiry date, if correctly stored. Product validity: 5



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