Dehyol Absolute

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Alcoholic mixture ethanol-isopropanol alcoholic grade 100°

Packaging 06-10077Q
Primary container: white bottle in polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Useful capacity 2.5
liters. HDPE cap.
Tamper evident cap.
The polyethylenterephthalate is a thermoplastic polymer of the polyester family. PET is an
optimal oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gasses barrier. This material has an high
resistance to ultraviolet radiation and an inertia toward the mainly chemical agents
(solvents: xylene, limonene, liquid paraffines, alcohols, acids, bases etc.). It is biologically
inert. It constitutes a good water and humidity barrier. It shows a great hardness and
mechanical resistance.
The bottle has an optimal grip. The absence of the handles reduces space for storage. The
anti-dropping cap permits a precise and clean use.
Secondary container: carton box.
06-10077F, 450006
Primary container: PE tank, capacity 5 liters. Screwcap in PE with a seal. Watertight.
Wear, water, alcohol and solvents resistant PVC label. Scratchproof ink resistant to water
and alcohol.
Expected aim Product for the preparation of cyto-histological samples for optical microscopy.
Application Alcoholic mixture formulated and optimized for use in the histological and cytological
• processing
• dewaxing
• dehydration
It is comparable to absolute ethanol, so it can be inserted into existing protocols, without
the addition of any changes.

Principle Dehydration process
Through the dehydration process the free water is removed from the tissue.
The process is usually carried out using short-chain alcohols – typically ethanol – with highly
polar functional groups that interact strongly and quickly with free water pulling it out from
the tissue.
When this process takes place too quickly – as happens in the presence of ethanol – may
occur some distortions which confer to tissue negative characteristics such as hardness,
friability and ‘shrinkage’. Replacing ethanol (2 carbon atoms linear chain) with isopropanol
(3 carbon atoms branched chain) the extraction speed of water is balanced without
negative effects.

Functional properties The dehydrating power of DEHYOL ABSOLUTE mixture is the same of the ethanol but the
hardening and shrinkage effects are reduced.
The greater lipophilia of the mixture favors the subsequent stages of clarification and
infiltration. The samples obtained are well infiltrated and elastic to the cut.
Warning and
The product is intended for professional laboratory use for healthcare professionals.
Carefully read the information on the label (danger symbols, risk and safety phrases) and
always consult the safety data sheet. Do not use if the primary container is damaged.
In the event of a serious accident, we recommended that you immediately inform BioOptica Milano S.p.A and the competent authorities.
Storage Store the preparation below 30°C. Keep the containers tightly closed.
Stability After the first opening, the product is reusable until the expiry date, if correctly stored.
Validity: 5 years.
Disposal Hazardous preparation: observe all state and local environmental regulations regarding
waste disposal

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Dehyol Absolute

700,00 AED

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