Formalin 10% neutral buffered ( 5L /1 tank)

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05-01004F – Formalin 10% neutral buffered ( 5L /1 tank)

Packaging Primary container: neutral container in PP. Blue screw cap in PE, watertight.
Secondary container: closed carton box, neutral colour.
Wear, water, alcohol and solvents resistant PVC label. Scratchproof ink resistant to water
and alcohol.
Expected aim Product for the preparation of cyto-histological samples for optical microscopy.
Specifications pH 7,0 -7,2 ± 0,2
Density 1.003
Buffer molarity 0.05 M
Application Universal fixative for histological specimens.
Principle The 10% formalin neutral buffered (equivalent to an aqueous solution of 4% formaldehyde)
is the fixative most commonly used in the histopathological routine. The interaction
between formaldehyde and functional groups present in tissue macromolecules (proteins
and nucleic acids) occurs according to the following scheme:
 formation of methylene glycol: the molecule of formaldehyde in water gives rise to the
following equilibrium:
CH2O + H2O = CH2(OH)2
 The methylene glycol is the chemical species that interacts primarily with the functional
groups present in the side chains of the proteins and with acids stabilizing the nuclear
 secondarily formaldehyde form crosslinks between the free amino groups present in the
side chains of amino acids.
Fixation technique 1) 1) Volume ratio specimen/ fixative 1 : 50
2) Specimen thickness 1 cm max
3) Fixation time at room temperature: for specimens up to 5 mm 5 hours, for greater
thickness 1-2 days.

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Formalin 10% neutral buffered ( 5L /1 tank)

380,00 AED

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