Masson Fontana /  100 test

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04-041822 –  Masson Fontana /  100 test

Product for the preparation of cyto-histological samples for optical microscopy.
Recommended method to show melanin in histologic sections.
Argentaffine reaction is based on the intrinsic capacity of some tissue components to reduce silver in an ammoniacal
solution to metallic silver. To point out false positive results, this kit includes reagents for depigmentation of melanin
(Mallory’s bleach). Depigmentation has to be effected on control section before silver impregnation.
For good results, follow these rules:
– Always use excellent and chlorine-free distilled or deionized water.
– Use only perfectly clean glassware.
– Avoid deposit of dust on sections. Never touch solutions with metallic objects (tweezers etc.)
– Fixatives containing heavy metal salts (mercury chloride, potassium dichromate) should be avoided since deposits of such salts
may cause false positive results. It is necessary to use distilled water for all the washings and perfectly clean glassware.
1) Bring two slides of the same preparation to distilled water.
2) Select slide as control. Only for control section, execute 3 and 4 steps.
3) Put on control slide 10 drops of reagent B and 10 drops of reagent C: leave to act 20 minutes and wash in distilled water.
4) Put on control slide 10 drops of reagent D: leave to act 5 minutes and wash in distilled water.
5) Prepare the incubation box and lay down the two slides (specimen and control); put 10 drops of reagent A on each section
and close the incubation box: leave to act overnight.
6) Wash in distilled water and put 10 drops of reagent E: leave to act 5 minutes.
7) Wash in distilled water.
8) Put on control slide and on the specimen 10 drops of reagent F: leave to act 10 minutes.
9) Wash in distilled water.
10)Dehydrate through ascending alcohols, clear in xylene and mount.

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Masson Fontana /  100 test

1.250,00 AED

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