Portable Digital Video Colposcope for Gynaecology

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Portable Digital Video Colposcope for Gynaecology


Portable Digital Video Colposcope for Gynaecology


1、The camera’s light source adopts 5 high-stability LEDs, and adopts a unique uniform light technology to reduce reflections, longer
service life, and better color reproduction。
2、The camera bracket and the camera adopt an integrated design, and the bracket has a unique hovering function, which makes the operation more convenient.
3、Full HD 1920*1080p image output makes clinical examination clearer, more real and more accurate.
4、The camera can be equipped with a remote controller.
5、The trolley has a lifting function.
6、The camera comes with a 3.5-inch monitor screen



1 . Product introduction
Colposcope is a gynecological clinical diagnostic instruments . For the diagnosis of cervical disease, it can be observed 10 to 240 times magnification images, found small lesions the naked eye can not find . Through this amplification effect, the doctor can clearly see the cervix blood vessels on the skin, detection of cervical cancer precursor lesions, to provide the basis for early diagnosis of cervical cancer, so that patients receive effective treatment in advance, so that the cure rate of cervical cancer greatly increased..

2 . Colpscope camera Application

1.Suitable for gynecology examination and cervical cancer early find
2.On the clinical, checkup with vulva, vagina, cervix and other parts.

3. Colpscope camera Features

1.Fashionable appearance, convenient design.
2.Adopt the 1/2.8 color digital CCD camera with high resolution and clarity.
3.Bulbs adopt super cold LED light source .
4.There are “freeze, filter, zoom in, zoom out, white balance” buttons on the camera for the speedy automatic functions.
5.Professional green-filter techniques.
6.Image freeze.
7.White balance.
8.Auto focus.
9.Timing of acetic acid and iodine reaction tests.
10.Powerful image software and workstation system


1.Display images real-time, freezing, storage, delete, image-magnify or dwindle, auto-focus, manual focus, adjust light intensity,
green filter, normal real color model choose.
2. Advanced imaging processing technique, can be marked, calculated area, magnification
3. Data storage: standard pictures collection can be compared and analyzed, edit diagnosing report, Amend patients
information, clinic diagnose advice, Case management :multi-model(case number, name, age, date, etc)index, lookup, analyze, edit
and print.
4. Printing of Multi-format diagnosis report


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Portable Digital Video Colposcope for Gynaecology

18.000,00 AED

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