Staining tank with support 10-10

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HE Manual Stainer -  12 dishes


Technical features

The sets are made with a stainless steel structure for 3 or 12 dishes. This structure is resistant against acids and solvents and can easily be washed. The design is light constructed so you can move it with two hands. The set includes the metal holder, the dishes (300 ml capacity each) with attached lids (code 10-30) and a slide staining holder with plastic handle for 25 slides (code 10-42).

Staining dish

Made in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) stiffened with glass fibres; they are resistant against solvents, especially those used in the histology laboratory (i.e. Toluene, Xylene, Bio-Clear, etc.) They resist to temperature between 0°C and +170°C, so they can be used also with immunohistochemistry procedures. Dishes (capacity 300 ml) are available with attached lid, blue coloured, packed in box of 12 pieces.

PET (with glass fibres) dishes are also available (code 10-33), packed in box of 12 pieces, with separated cover (for metal holder 10-09 old model). Also these dishes resist to more aggressive solvents (for example, xylene) and to high temperature (0°/+170°C), so you can also use them for dewaxing and antigen retrieval with water bath or microwave oven.

Slide staining

holder For 25 slides, made in PET with plastic handle (PET), resistant to acids, solvents and high temperatures. The handle is specially shaken to grab better (see photo) and allow the complete closure of the dish during the use, avoiding the reagent’s evaporation.

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Staining tank with support 10-10