Ziehl Neelsen for microbiology

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04-111803 –  Ziehl Neelsen for microbiology

Product for the preparation of cyto-histological samples for optical microscopy.
To show pathogenic mycobacteria (especially Koch’s bacillus) in sputum smears and culture smears.
Acid resistance is a particular dyeing feature of mycobacteria. Once they have been stained with carbol fuchsin, they have the
capacity to remain red even if they undergo strong decolourizations. Acid resistance is usually ascribed to the special composition
of mycobacteria’s cell walls, which are very rich in lipids.
1) Put on the smear the reagent A for 10 minutes
2) Wash in tap water.
3) Add on the smear the reagent B for 1minute
4) Wash in tap water
5) Put on the smear the reagent C for 30 seconds
6) Wash in tap water
7) Dehydrate through ascending alcohols, clear in xylene and mount.

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Ziehl Neelsen for microbiology

650,00 AED

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