Researchers in breast cancer are looking for ?

  • PET scans to show up cancer cell death after chemotherapy
  • MRI scans, to see how well chemotherapy is working
  • samples of your cancer and blood tests to find out which cancers respond to chemotherapy and to check how well chemotherapy is working
  • reducing side effects such as heart problems
  • predicting who might have side effects
  • coping with side effects
  • how chemotherapy might affect memory
  • giving radiotherapy to women during their breast cancer surgery
  • changing the dose and timing of radiotherapy
  • whether women at very low risk need radiotherapy
  • how long women should take hormone therapy for
  • the timing of treatment
  • comparing how well different hormone therapies work
  • taking hormone therapy before surgery
  • taking hormone therapy with biological therapy
  • before surgery or chemotherapy, to see what effect they have on breast cancer
  • after surgery, to prevent breast cancer coming back or spreading
  • in combination with other treatments such as hormone therapy or chemotherapy, to prevent breast cancer coming back
  • with immunotherapy to see if they can improve treatment for breast cancer
  • monoclonal antibodies, such as trastuzumab (Herceptin), atezolizumab or durvalumab
  • cancer growth blockers, such as Ipatasertib everolimus or AZD5363
  • parp-1 inhibitors, such as olaparib or rucaparib
  • vaccines, such as Neuvax
  • targeted drugs joined to chemotherapy, such as TDM1
  • how well these drugs work for particular types of breast cancer.
  • genetic makeup of breast cancer cells before or during treatment.
  • if particular genes affect how well treatment works
  • want to know whether genetic testing can help doctors decide who should have particular types of treatment after surgery.
  • aspirin
  • metformin, which is a type of drug used to treat diabetes
  • taking pro biotic capsules to see if they can stimulate the immune system to kill cancer cells
  • giving a type of immunotherapy called atezolizumab with chemotherapy to see if it will improve treatment
  • a hormone drug called enzulatamide for breast cancer with androgen receptors – androgens are hormones made in both men and women, and some triple negative breast cancers have androgen receptors
  • targeted cancer drugs to prevent breast cancer coming back, such as olaparib and rucaparib
  • giving targeted cancer drugs and or immunotherapy before surgery. The aim is to see if this treatment can shrink the cancer and make surgery more successful
  • the best number of radiotherapy treatments to give
  • if a radiotherapy boost to the area of the cancer helps to prevent it coming back
  • about the side effects
  • acupuncture can help with nerve damage from treatment (this nerve damage can make it difficult to do things, such as doing up buttons)
  • art therapy can help people cope with pain after treatment for breast cancer
  • a targeted cancer drug called rucaparib in women with breast cancer who have a faulty BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene
  • to find better ways to cope with the emotional, psychological and physical effects of breast cancer.

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