Exchange and return policy:


If the products are damaged/broken/defective:

– The customer is contacted with technical support within 24 hours of receiving the request and attaching a picture of the damaged/broken product

– The customer has the choice between returning the value of the product, replacing it with another product of the same value, or returning the amount in the event that the product is not available.

In the event of a lack of demand:

The missing order is sent by Al Tibia Store after confirming that the shortage has been confirmed by the customer.

In the event of an increase in demand:

The customer communicates with the technical support of the store, and the technical support sends a return policy to the customer to hand it over to the shipping company specified by the store, and the store bears the full cost of the return.

In case of exchanging one product for another:

The customer contacts technical support within 24 hours of the request’s arrival, and the store sends the replaced product in the customer’s invoice, provided that the store sends a return policy to the customer to ship the other product, provided that the store bears the shipping and return value.

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