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Introduction: These terms and conditions provide for setting the process of dealing between the Al Tibia store and its valued customers.

Accordingly, these Terms of Use and all additional policies – if applicable – mean your acceptance of all the terms and conditions stipulated.

These terms of use and all policies and legal documents are subject to modification, deletion and addition by the store at any time, and if you continue to use the store, browse and purchase after the modification process, it means that you fully agree to the terms and conditions that have been modified.

About Al Tibia Store:

Al Tibia store is a leading platform in the field of trading, selling and marketing medical equipment’s, tools, instruments & consumables

Registration terms:

As a buyer, you have the right to register on an Al Tibia store and take advantage of the products available on the store.

Registration method:

Login to the website.

Go to the login icon.

Choose the appropriate method for verification, either via mobile phone or e-mail.

Mobile registration:

You select your country.

You add your mobile number in the mobile number field.

A text/automated call/message is sent via e-mail.

Add the verification code in the space provided.

Register by e-mail:

Add your email in the designated field.

You will receive a message via your email.

Copy the verification code sent to your email

Add verification code in the provided field within 30 seconds.

Write your first and last name – do not add a nickname or pseudonym – in the designated field.

Add your mobile number and choose your country.

* It is not taken during the implementation and completion of the purchase process based on unreal data or names *

Order process:

Delivery and collection:

After completing the registration process, you will go to the products, specify the quantity of the product then add them to the shopping cart

After that, you go to the shopping cart to complete the order process.

You click on complete the request

the address:

Please choose and add the address, indicating all the correct data, because the address cannot be modified after completing the purchase process, and in the event of modifying the address, the customer contacts the shipping company for modification, and accordingly the store is not responsible for the incorrect address data and does not bear the value of the return and it is deducted from the customer’s invoice.

Shipping company:

The customer chooses the appropriate shipping company from the companies available in the store, and the shipping company cannot be changed by the customer after completing the purchase process, and the Al Tibia store has the right to change the shipping company as it deems appropriate according to the available circumstances.

Payment: Choose the payment method from among the methods available in the store. 

Payment policies:

Choose the payment method from among the methods available in the store.

Payment via made/credit card/A

You add card information to complete the payment.


Payment by bank transfer

You add the name of the bank and attach a copy of the bank transfer, including proof of the store account – as the name of the beneficiary –

-invoice value,

The account from which the transfer was made and the name of the account holder,

-transfer date,

The reference number of the transfer receipt.



Work policy and execution of orders:


The request shall be confirmed after reviewing it to ensure the validity of the data, and the customer shall be notified of this in writing by e-mail or by a short message on the mobile phone. A phone call from the store’s technical support, and the value of the products will not be deducted from your account.

Order execution:

At this stage, the request is executed by the operating team, and it takes two working days after confirming the request.

Cancelling order:

The customer has the right to cancel the order unless it is confirmed by the store or has entered the execution stage for any reason whatsoever, and this is done by contacting the store’s technical support.

The store has the right to cancel the order for any reason, provided that the customer is notified of that in writing via e-mail or by SMS on the mobile phone.

Shipping order:

After the order is executed, it is shipped with our partners based on the address specified by the customer. The store has no responsibility in determining it. Determining and adding the address is entirely the responsibility of the customer.

– The store has the right to replace the shipping company chosen by the customer as it deems appropriate

The shipping cost is as shown on the order invoice

– The delivery time for the order is explained to the customer when choosing the shipping company

– The request is delivered within the specified period or before

*The shipping companies have informed us that the order may be delayed for more than 15 days*

– In the event that the specified period is exceeded, the customer has the right to cancel the order and recover the money.

Exchange and return policy:

If the products are damaged/broken/defective:

– The customer is contacted with technical support within 24 hours of receiving the request and attaching a picture of the damaged/broken product

– The customer has the choice between returning the value of the product, replacing it with another product of the same value, or returning the amount in the event that the product is not available.

In the event of a lack of demand:

The missing order is sent by Al Tibia Store after confirming that the shortage has been confirmed by the customer.

In the event of an increase in demand:

The customer communicates with the technical support of the store, and the technical support sends a return policy to the customer to hand it over to the shipping company specified by the store, and the store bears the full cost of the return.

In case of exchanging one product for another:

The customer contacts technical support within 24 hours of the request’s arrival, and the store sends the replaced product in the customer’s invoice, provided that the store sends a return policy to the customer to ship the other product, provided that the store bears the shipping and return value.

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